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New Kids On The Block

Well...kinda. Although we're a new company, myself and our collaborators are NO strangers to the entertainment industry. That's precisely why we felt it was time to take Our artistic futures into Our own hands!

First things first! Who Are We?

Co-Op Productions is a #BIMPOC founded and run production company with a mission to nurture, create, and produce music, theatre and digital content by, with, and for BIMPOC Artists. Our ever-expanding community of artistic collaborators provide other BIMPOC creators with the resources, talent, and support to tell their stories through any and every medium. We're here to help change the narrative with #OurArt #OurWay.



Acronym for Black, Indigenous, Multiracial, People(s) of Colour

We believe in using our talents and skills to service our under-represented and marginalized brothers and sisters - paving a way for future BIMPOC Artists to flourish and stand in their power!

Why Us? Why Now?

As artists and collaborators, we have each experienced discrimination in our industry. We've been made to feel like the other. Like we didn't quite belong but should be grateful for our corner to play in. But that is not enough! Our stories are important, are valid, are beautiful and are necessary!


We are one of many new socially conscious, BIMPOC led companies and we look forward to collaborating with each and every one to #changethenarrative.

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